National Recovery Month: Providers at Missouri Ozarks Community Health offer Support for those Struggling with Addictions

Millions of Americans experience substance use disorders. It is a chronic disease that can affect people of all backgrounds. But with treatment, recovery is possible. Behavioral health specialists at Missouri Ozarks Community Health say that is why it is important to reduce the stigma surrounding substance use disorders.

For families, it is necessary to recognize the signs that a loved one is struggling with substance abuse. In many cases, early intervention is key to recovery. “Changes in mood, behavior and being secretive or defensive can be warning signs that someone is perhaps struggling,” said Carla Trick, a licensed professional counselor at Missouri Ozarks Community Health. She said it is especially important for parents to look for those warning signs, as many people begin struggling with substance use disorders in their teen years.

Missouri Ozarks Community Health offers substance abuse counseling to help those struggling with addiction. “It’s important to treat both substance abuse and mental health by breaking denial and working through stages of change,” said David Evans, a licensed professional counselor at Missouri Ozarks Community Health.

Travel can sometimes be a barrier to reaching counseling services. Missouri Ozarks Community Health has four behavioral health professionals on staff to help those patients in need. They work on a rotation at six clinics in the Ozarks. Evans said, “We are all touched by substance abuse. Society can no longer ignore those struggling with addiction because of the emotional, physical, and financial cost.”

If you are interested in learning more about substance abuse counseling at MOCH, you must first set up an appointment with a medical provider, who will then make a referral. You can reach the clinics at Missouri Ozarks Community Health at the numbers below:

  • Ava Clinic: (417) 683-5739
  • Gainesville Clinic: (417) 679-2775
  • Mansfield Clinic: (417) 924-8809
  • Cabool Clinic: (417) 962-5422
  • Mountain Grove Clinic: (417) 926-1713
  • Houston Clinic: (417) 967-0772
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